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Intrepid II is a Cape Dory Intrepid 40 sailboat, hull #2, designed by Chuck Paine and discovered by the Captain in Blue Hill Maine in 2006. The crew are Kelly (Captain) and Carol (Admiral and Blogger). In 2009 INTREPID II embarked on her West Coast journey from Victoria to San Francisco, the Baja Sur Peninsula and into the Sea of Cortez. In 2010/2011, we sailed ifrom Guaymas, south to Bahia Banderas and back. In 2011/2012 she left Guaymas, headed south to La Paz, spent three weeks at anchor on our northward journey and rested on the hard in San Carlos. Her 4th, 5th and 6th seasons were Boat Projects related. Season 7 - we are hoping to cruise again at long last.

January 7, 2012

January 2012 activities - Keeping busy in the sunshine

Photos from the marina looking out from our dock.

Our view looking north to malecon and spires of San Fernando church

Our view to the east along the malecon

Plan B at anchor with pelicanos cruising by

Pelicanos swallowing fish at sunset

This first week of January has been a mixed bag of activities for the INTREPID II crew with little time for a posting, but here are a few items of note.

old wiring - not well connected
Kelly continued with his electrical challenges arising out of installing new LED lights in our dining area and the galley.  Minimal issues or none at all with the new products and we are pleased with the results.  However, there were some interesting existing wiring arrangements which required much more time and ingenuity than originally anticipated.

Our water pressure pump is still behaving erratically.  We need that to be functioning well before installing the new water heater.  Today is a concentrated effort to deal with all the odds and ends of bags and bins in the v-berth and cabin. The goal is to minimize what we keep on board, then take away suitcases, bins of extraneous stuff we hope we won't need later.  We even passed up attending the swap meet in San Carlos to ensure we didn't find any treasures, which of course wouldn't have a place onboard!

Carol tracked down the name of an English speaking doctor near the marina.  She paid several visits to Dr. Sanchez to confirm that she indeed had a serious inner ear infection which was the cause of extreme vertigo these past few weeks. That was one of the reasons we wanted to get to the dock rather than be climbing ladders. Dr. Sanchez advised her to have an immediate series of four injections to address the vertigo, along with antibiotics.  By the 3rd injection, there was a noticeable difference. She is finishing up the medication with comparable pills.  On Friday she sat through a somewhat painful procedure to flush out her ears and voila!  Much improved sound and minimal vertigo.  (Carol:  now I can tackle the rest of our lockers and also hear much more clearly the thumping disco music which has been going to 2 or 3 am.  A mixed blessing.)

'The Doctor' mural in Sanitorio Sanchez
The reception area in Dr. Sanchez' office features a dramatic mural called "The Doctor". It is a very sombre rendition of a physician leaning over a sick child while the anxious parents are in the background.  Dr. Sanchez advised that his father established the clinic in 1958;  the mural was painted from the original English painting by a well known Guaymas artist. Our doctor spent considerable time determining the issues and arriving at a suitable treatment.  He listened well and answered all our questions. Further, he sees patients at all hours, if necessary, and was there at 9 pm for the injections, after having been at the office since 7:30 am.

In the meantime, we've visited with our SV Rosebud friends who are staying in San Carlos, put a few more items in our rented bodega, also in San Carlos and unsuccessfully searched for line for our traveller, which needs replacing.  There is one marine chandlery in San Carlos which seems to cater more to sport fishing vessels than sailboats, so no lines available there.  
Rosca del Reyes
Yesterday, January 6th, was el Dia de los Reyes (the feast day of the 3 Kings, or Magi). Suzy and Ron of SV Golden Eagle, who are working on their own boat projects in the dry storage area, hosted the remaining cruisers to a celebration.  With assistance from  SV Forbes and Cameron folks, Pat and Tony, we enjoyed slices of the decorated 'rosca'.  This sweet bread is formed into a circle and colourfully decorated; it also contains tiny plastic statues of 'baby Jesus'.  We all thought only one was baked into each cake, but several folks found 2 each and Carol bit down on one herself before we realized there were several.  The rules of receiving this honour:   host a subsequent party with tamales on or about February 2nd.  Although we will all likely be dispersed by then, we've promised to do so wherever we find ourselves next month.
Time to get back to projects.  It's an overcast day, fairly calm, but we expect south winds clocking around to northers soon.  By Sunday the highest wind is expected to hit 26 knots before easing up. We're here for another week, hopefully accomplishing our outstanding tasks, do a final provisioning run and making plans to 'head south'.


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