S/V INTREPID II - Cape Dory Intrepid 40

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Intrepid II is a Cape Dory Intrepid 40 sailboat, hull #2, designed by Chuck Paine and discovered by the Captain in Blue Hill Maine in 2006. The crew are Kelly (Captain) and Carol (Admiral and Blogger). In 2009 INTREPID II embarked on her West Coast journey from Victoria to San Francisco, the Baja Sur Peninsula and into the Sea of Cortez. In 2010/2011, we sailed ifrom Guaymas, south to Bahia Banderas and back. In 2011/2012 she left Guaymas, headed south to La Paz, spent three weeks at anchor on our northward journey and rested on the hard in San Carlos. Her 4th, 5th and 6th seasons were Boat Projects related. Season 7 - we are hoping to cruise again at long last.

June 22, 2011

Summer at last...officially!

Summer Solstice has arrived. Summer is officially here. Yes, the sun shines more often than not; trees are leafy and have filled in our view out the windows, the rhododendrons and azaleas are blooming, or have just begun to fade.  We are hard at work in the garden and yard.  The house and yard projects have replaced boat projects, although those tasks are never far from mind.  We hope to have the house painted.  Still deliberating on a colour scheme which would brighten up the house yet be in keeping with the landscape.  Kelly wants to extend the gravel pathway through the back yard and we are currently still planting or pruning, cutting and trimming, resulting in several trips to the works yard.

We continue to check the Guaymas weather frequently and hope that INTREPID II remains safe and secure in the Singlar Marina dry storage yard.  It was disconcerting to realize we also need to add the concern over earthquakes to our hope that no hurricanes find their way to Guaymas. There were at least 3 more earthquakes in the Sea of Cortez between Santa Rosalita and Guaymas within a few weeks of our leaving!

We wish everyone a sun-filled summer, with time for relaxation and contemplation of all the next cruising season or next travel adventure might bring. Enjoy!