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Intrepid II is a Cape Dory Intrepid 40 sailboat, hull #2, designed by Chuck Paine and discovered by the Captain in Blue Hill Maine in 2006. The crew are Kelly (Captain) and Carol (Admiral and Blogger). In 2009 INTREPID II embarked on her West Coast journey from Victoria to San Francisco, the Baja Sur Peninsula and into the Sea of Cortez. In 2010/2011, we sailed ifrom Guaymas, south to Bahia Banderas and back. In 2011/2012 she left Guaymas, headed south to La Paz, spent three weeks at anchor on our northward journey and rested on the hard in San Carlos. Her 4th, 5th and 6th seasons were Boat Projects related. Season 7 - we are hoping to cruise again at long last.

March 9, 2011

Marina El Cid

Welcome news for us.  The weather forecast was favourable for a Sea of Cortez crossing, so several cruising boats headed out early Monday morning, allowing us to move INTREPID II over to Dock B and settle in for the week.
View from bow on Dock B looking towards resort grounds
The short move still proved a bit stressful, as the wind was up, the dredging crew had dropped a float with poly-pro line trailing out right behind INTREPID II and the channel was busy with traffic.  However, the Captain met these challenges admirably and with several folks standing by on the dock and the neighbouring boat, we eased into our new slip and tied up.  We heard it took two dinghies assisting the boat which left to maneuver out due to the current earlier that morning.

Sunscreens keep cockpit cooler
We can now come and go without waiting for the water taxi and have access to the resort amenities, including pools, chaise lounges, cafes and a quick walk out to the main avenue to catch buses downtown.  While boat chores and exploring the area will take up some of our time, it was nice to stretch out in the sun and read for a time; felt like a vacation!  While not as warm as further south in La Cruz, we are glad we have our sunscreens in the cockpit to provide a bit of privacy as well as keeping things cooler.

Being at a marina rather than at anchor gives us a chance to sleep without listening for anchor noise or wind picking up or rocking to the swells coming in. The trade off is this is a sport fishing centre and the crews are up early, running diesel engines, getting the boats ready to head out.  They have a tendency to stand right outside the boat and chat - even at 6 am, so no sleeping in.
Looking up to pool area - Kelly waving
View of resort from our stern
The grounds and amenities here are well maintained and it is a pleasant place. We are told that many cruisers head for Marina Mazatlan further into the estuary, but we never received any response from them to our inquiries.  There is no potable water at those docks. The cruising friends we know from home and the new folks we've met have made us more than welcome in our latest destination.  We've also met some cruising cats and dogs and spotted an iguana by the upper pool.
Iguana by pool

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