S/V INTREPID II - Cape Dory Intrepid 40

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Intrepid II is a Cape Dory Intrepid 40 sailboat, hull #2, designed by Chuck Paine and discovered by the Captain in Blue Hill Maine in 2006. The crew are Kelly (Captain) and Carol (1st Mate - and Captain in training). In 2009 INTREPID II braved the West Coast journey from Victoria to San Francisco, down the Baja Peninsua and up into the Sea of Cortez. In 2010/2011, she journeyed from Guaymas as far as Bahia Banderas and back. 2011/2012 she left from Guaymas, headed south to La Paz, then spent three weeks at anchor on our northward journey before completing, resting up in San Carlos. Her 4th season was one of maintenance. March 2014 - Another Boat Project season - new equipment and in the water at Marina San Carlos. 2015 - more TLC and perhaps some sailing!

June 19, 2016

Almost Summer Solstice

Wistfully glancing at all the posts from our cruising friends who are actually out there on the water across the globe.....safe travels and fair winds!

The INTREPID II Crew continues to stay occupied and hopefully productive these past months, although very little of our efforts are boat related.  We've attended Bluewater Cruising meetings when we can, met up with folks who have returned to the Island and registered for a refresher weather course in mid July.  The other link to boating is when the Captain announces yet again that a necessary tool or reference book which he could make use of on a travel trailer project is "on the boat".

Our current focus is to ensure our 28 foot travel trailer is functioning well with all the requisite systems tested and behaving as they should.  At the moment there are some challenges.  Our goal is to 'head east" during the coming summer to visit family and friends.  Fingers crossed.

Wishing everyone a fabulous summer on land or at sea.

March 23, 2016

Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

For those of you who stop  by to check if one or both or all three of us have finally headed South to rejoin our languishing INTREPID II....sadly, no!  Best laid plans and all that have not unfurled as hoped and the crew is still land-bound and looking out at mostly grey and often drizzly skies.

Image result for free happy easter imagesThere is an abundance of green, spring flowers have been blooming for weeks and we continue to tackle projects, only of the house variety, rather than marine related.  It could be an interesting spring yard cleaning season as Carol experienced a major allergy attack just going out to photograph her favorite native fawn lilies that bloomed last week.  The flower bed tidying is on hold.  Kelly is immersed in a weight lifting regime which included him researching and building his own 'contraption' on which to rest his weights as well as very diligently following the weight training exercises.

Rosie searches for the elusive patches of sunlight which actually do appear from time to time and has even poked her nose outside on the deck for a few moments checking on nature's progress.  Not warm enough yet for her to ask that we set out the cushions on her favorite lounge chair.

So as we read that Semana Santa is in full swing in San Carlos we wish everyone a Happy Easter and safe travels if you are en route or homeward bound.